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We offer unique and highly specialized designs in fibers and fiber technologies. Our Capillary-Channeled PolymerTM (C-CPTM) fibers have a design that maximizes surface area and particular polymer types that allow for exceptional levels of hydrophobicity, reactivity and compound class selectivity. Because of this, C-CPTM can provide remarkable spontaneous  moisture wicking and a number of distinct advantages for gas or liquid phase filtration applications. Our novel combination of chemical and physical fiber construction can be used in a wide variety of military, medical and chemical technology areas.


Discover the science behind C-CPTM: learn about our techniques and view demonstrations videos.

Advantages of C-CPTM Technology

* High fiber surface areas

*Self- or cooperative-wicking

*Variety of base polymer chemistries

*Custom surface modification

*Particle or viscous liquid loading

*Use as filaments, yarns or in non-wovens

Applications of C-CPTM Materials

*Specialty textiles (military, medical, etc)

*Air and water filtration

*Chemical separations

*Solid phase extraction

*Protein purification

*Cell and tissue growth


An essential element in SCF's operation model is our ability to work closely with partners in developing fiber geometry and chemistry combinations that meet their performance targets. Our PhD-level research and production team are experts in designing fiber solutions. 

Contact us for a FREE consultation at info@specialtycustomfibers.com.

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