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Capillary-Channeled PolymerTM Fibers
Specialty & Custom Fibers, LLC has developed a novel stationary phase platform for use in liquid chromatography and solid phase extraction applications based on polymer fibers of a unique geometry that permits very efficient fluid transport and a highly reactive surface for solute interaction.
Capillary-Channeled PolymerTM
(C-CPTM) fibers can be extruded from a wide variety of base polymers, yielding surfaces of different degrees of hydrophobicity, ionic character and permit selective species retention. The fiber geometry is such that very efficient mass transfer occurs while also permitting very high volume flow rates at minimal backpressures. C-CPTM fiber columns can be prepared in a wide variety of formats including single fibers within microfluidic channels, microbore capillaries, common analytical sizes, and preparative-scale assemblies. In addition to a high degree of chemical diversity and very favorable fluid transport characteristics, the fiber material is relatively inexpensive in comparison to conventional column packing materials. 

View videos of C-CPTM in action!

See the difference between C-CPTM and standard round fibers.

View microscopic images of C-CPTM fibers.


* C-CPTM surface area three times that of conventional fibers of like diameter

* Very high column permeabilities, allowing high volume flow rates

* Very short inter-fiber diffusion distances

* Wide variety of base polymer chemistries and potential modifications

* Highly efficient fluid transport, including inherent self-wicking

* Immunity to mass transfer limitations encountered in porous particle phases

* Ready implementation in a wide variety of column formats

* Local fiber development and production capabilities

* Film and monolith structures also under development


* Reversed-phase, ion exchange and hydrophobic interaction chromatography

* High speed protein separations

* Stationary phases for microfluidic devices

* Preparative-scale separations with analytical-scale pumping requirements

* Selective immobilizations of target molecules

Possible Applications for C-CPTM

See some potential shapes for C-CPTM  fibers.

The following is a list of possible uses for C-CPTM but there are even more possibilities! Here at SCF, we offer personalized designs and fabrications to meet your needs. We strive to create the best combination of fiber shape and material possible for your goals.

Agricultural Media, Oil Absorbers, Orthopedic Cast Liners, Pap Smear Swabs, Paint Applicators, Perspiration Shields, Polish Applicators, Saddle Blankets, Sweat Bands, Shoe Liners and Composites, Socks, Throat Swabs, Towel Scrims, Wipes, Wound Care, Athletic Field Surfaces, Blood Analyzation Elements, Boat Hull Substrates, Computer Disk Liners, Condensate Collectors, Cosmetic Applicators, Deodorant Substrates, Fabric Softener Strips, Filter Media, Geotextiles, Humidifiers, Ink Cartridges, Military Gear and Apparel, Chemical Separations, Bioengineering Applications

and MORE...

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